Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How Inspiring.

Today I had a total ''Moment" :)

I started writing a scene that was very clear in my mind and I became totally absorbed. I only planned to write my 500 word limit as I have an essay due. But before I knew it I was interrupted and over 2 hrs had flown by. I ended up writing 2125 words and I could of kept on going.

But I made myself be all mature and I stopped to do more critical stuff. ugh!

I joined the Yahoo Group for Changeling Press, I hope to get a feel for what they are all like. It could prove hazardous to my credit card though because I already have seen a good review and bought a book LOL (okay 2 books)...

I am feeling so much more confident :) I can really 'see' where the book is going and how its going to end. I'm off to update my journal.

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