Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fantasy at its Most Confusing

I bought Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson yesterday.

I opened it full of anticipation of a great read, it sounded interesting and it had good reviews on the back cover, I never thought to look at the first chapter or read the authors introduction.

As I am reading the authors intro I am still thinking, ''Hey I'm a fan of fantasy, I don't mind reading something difficult, I don't mind reading books with alot of characters".

But the moment I started reading I was slapped in the face with Erikson's style. It is V-E-R-Y different from what I normally read. I will go as far as saying it is something that I will never read. The opening paragraph which is suppose to snare a readers attention, instead made me feel alienated and confused.

The opening paragraph is about a weather vane, but instead of crisp and clean details, the author uses many many descriptive words so that the reader is left floundering. I actually finished the paragraph thinking. 'what the' surely all that descriptive prose was not just about one object.

I kept finding myself going back and rereading sections. I even flicked through the rest of the book and read parts, but it seemed that he never got into a lighter read, one section had a lot of head hopping and I think that is what he warned about in his introduction.

I respect authors that try something different and I am not criticizing him as a author, I am simply making a statement about how hard this is for me to read, and how this style of book is the most confusing for me to read.

I believe that he could of gathered alot more fans if he had simplified his writing, but as an artist, he cannot change who HE is for us.

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