Friday, November 5, 2010

No possible way LOL

There is no possible way I can finish NaNoWriMo this year. There is a couple of reasons for it,

A) I am not used to writing that fast and really struggled, it was taking me 1.5-2 hrs to write about 500-700 words. I tried breaking it up and writing two and three times a day but there was not enough hours left in the day LOL

B) I have to print out all my study notes for Uni, and I need to participate online with other students, as well as do my Uni readings, impossible to do with the full on writing schedule.

so my decision is this:

I will still continue to participate and write but it will be fitted in around my schedule, even if I can write 25,000 words it will be better then nothing. OR I have a short story competition that I want to submit to which is due December 1st. I might use that for my nanowrimo word count so that I keep things positive.

Ugh! I hate failing.

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